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Franklin Welcomes You

Franklin is the QMER Data Server, where we house the huge, public-access dataset on education in Alabama we are building. In combines data from  the Stanford Education Data Archive (SEDA), the Early Childhood Longitudinal Program (ECLS), and the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study.



From the Stanford Education Data Archive. Nationally representative measures of district-level student math and reading achievement for grades 3-8 from 2008 on. And for fun we've added on things from the Common Core of Data, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the American Community Survey, and more. This is the big picture. Dr. Pendola and the AED research team use this data.

Downloading & Accessing Sample Data

Click the "Get the Data" button below to be taken to google drive folder with the data. 

The documentation folder has information on how the data was built, as well as a codebook that describes the variables

The data folder has the data in both .csv and .sav format

The syntax folder has SPSS syntax for importing, defining variables, and cleaning the .csv data.

Source: Reardon, S. F., Ho, A. D., Shear, B. R., Fahle, E. M., Kalogrides, D., Jang, H., Chavez, B., Buontempo, J., & DiSalvo, R. (2019). Stanford Education Data Archive (Version 3.0).