QMER is centered at Auburn University 

Our Mission: To improve the rigor, quality, and inclusivity of quantitative research and practice in Alabama and beyond.


QMER will be a leader for developing top tier interdisciplinary research through the integration of (a) advancement of theoretical and methodological practice, (b) expansion of data development and access, and (c) innovation in research training. QMER will be a center for exemplary research to improve the practice of research and education for Alabama in a global society.


To promote forms of best practice in quantitative methodological inquiry for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.
To disseminate practical application of research for the benefit of Alabama’s citizens.
To make available and accessible sources of data for future research.
To enhance support for students and faculty as a learning community.
To grow and sustain a diverse body of quantitative researchers at Auburn.


  1. Integration of teaching, research, and outreach

  2. Collegiality and collaboration

  3. Open access

  4. Excellence in scholarship

  5. Continuous improvement


To enact our mission, QMER is organized into interrelated quadrants of operation

We learn as a collective. We offer workshops and a unique curriculum to support graduate student growth and placement.

Active research teams with graduate students, building towards a model of improvement in Alabama and beyond

We're building a huge, open-access dataset on education in Alabama. Meet Franklin, our data server.

Doesn't matter if nobody uses it. We work to support educators across the state.