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About the CoLearn Instructor

Yan “Diane” Dai, M.Ed. M.A., is a second-year doctoral student in the Educational Psychology program at the Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership & Technology (EFLT), Auburn University.

Her research interests focus on motivation (particularly on self-efficacy and self- regulation), resilience, cross-cultural compassion study, and online learning.

Prior to coming to Auburn, Diane served as an ESL instructor at Hebei University of Economics and Business in China. She completed her M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century from Ashland University (Ohio) and received her M.A. in English Linguistics and Literature from Hebei Normal University (PRC).

Diane is the editorial manager of The Professional Educator at Auburn University. She serves on Educational Psychology Student Committee at EFLT, Auburn University. She currently teaches Co-learn courses of QMER.



About the CoLearn Instructor

Program: Educational Psychology Ph.D.

Current position: Transition-based Learning/Agriscience Teacher, Opelika City Schools and Graduate Teaching Assistant and Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology, Auburn University

Research interests: Secondary students' ability to develop positive interpersonal skills, student's perspectives on the value, identification and development of these skills, instruction on interpersonal skills that facilitate generalization to settings inside and outside of school



About the CoLearn Instructor

Hyun Sung (Edward) Jang is an Educational Psychology Ph.D. student at Auburn University. His research interests include the relationship between personality and perceptions on feedback, motivation, and teamwork; how student achievement differs on micro and macro levels; and how western and eastern cultures affect students' motivation, study habits, team projects, and perceptions on learning.